What To Expect

Our weekly church service is the pinnacle of what we do as a church family.

We meet at 10am to catch up over tea and coffee, and move into the formal part of our service at 10.15.

Everything we do on a Sunday morning revolves around God’s Word, the Bible. So, we read God’s Word, we sing God’s Word, we pray God’s Word, we preach God’s Word, and we taste and see God’s Word in the Lord’s Supper and baptism.

Our service is gospel-shaped from beginning to end, meaning that every week we adore God for who he is, confess the sin we have committed against him, and rejoice in the forgiveness we have received through Jesus Christ.

Throughout our service, we sing a mixture of contemporary worship songs, hymns and psalms.


Jesus welcomed even the youngest of children to him (Luke 18:15-17), so we do everything we can to help our children experience that welcome as we gather on Sundays. Children stay in the service to worship with their families, helped by their own special service sheets. During the sermon we run classes for those of infant school age, as well as a creche. Older children have their own worksheets to help them follow the sermon. Oh, and we know children are often noisy in services – that’s fine!