90x90God calls his people to worship him in every area of life, but also by meeting publicly on Sundays. Sunday worship is the pinnacle of what we do as a church family, where the living God and his people meet together.


90x90God’s purpose in everything is to transform his people to look more and more like his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The primary way God brings about this change in us is through his Word and by His Spirit, and so the ministry of God’s Word and prayer is central to our growth as a church.


90x90God sends his people into the world to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether through our daily witness to Christ at home, school or in the workplace, in the support of missionaries overseas, or in the planting of further churches, we contribute to the building of God’s kingdom through the faithful proclamation of the good news of Jesus and the resourcing of Christ’s church in Leeds and beyond.